Best Inner Eye Highlighter

Which is the Best Inner Eye Highlighter in 2023?

Girls typically carry makeup with them for daily use. It is possible to find a wide variety of cosmetics. Additionally, there are notable brands for them. Numerous products are available to improve the appearance of the eyes.

Modern, trendy makeup often uses highlighters for the inner eye. We have never applied anything other than a highlighter on our cupid’s bow and cheekbones. But many makeup artists have recently begun emphasizing the inner corner of the eyes. It creates an eye-catching and alluring appearance.

Therefore, we have some of the best inner-eye highlighters for you if you’re one of the people who want to try them. You can buy a good highlighter with the help of the recommendation.

Top 7 Inner Eye Highlighters in 2023:

Today, a highlighter is every girl’s must-have piece of makeup. A high-quality highlighter that resists fading is one essential component. To find out which ones you should buy next, look at these inner-eye highlighters on Amazon.

1. Eye Brightener Stick Highlighter

This highlighter stick is a multi-tasker. You can use this as concealer and highlighter.

1. Gives a perfect-looking shape: It creates the ideal shape for the brow. The matte shade sides define and conceal the clean edge, even between tweezing.

2. You’ll have prominent eyes: Your eyes will stand out because of the glittery sides. Your eyes will appear brighter and more appealing overall due to the glittering effect it will provide.

3. Multiple advantages: It has several ways to work. Bring out your finest features, hide flaws, and make your inner corner more vibrant. With just one pencil, you’ll get everything.

4. For your face: You can also apply it to draw attention to your cupid’s bow and emphasize your cheeks.

5. Safety: It is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting duo pencil

Anastasia offers high-quality cosmetics. For professional technique and maximum performance, the Anastasia Beverly Hills is best for all brow and cosmetic pencils. Now, they have highlighter duo pencils as well.

1. Double option: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil has two sides and can highlight and define your brows.

2. No-wax: The wax-free product has a smooth, creamy consistency.

3. There are two uses for it: The two ends of this multifunctional eyebrow tool are matte for outlining the brow line and gleam for emphasizing the brow bone.

4. Us it as your wish: For a natural outcome, use the plain end following the sparkling end.

5. Perfect for your brows: It has the ideal shade for brow highlighting.

3. Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer

A warmer and more illuminated appearance gets provided right away by Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer. During the concealing process, this liquid concealer lights up the shadows.

1. Gel formula: Gel-based composition spreads light to deliver precise beauty with a single touch.

2. Provides shadow reflection: For a fairer complexion, it darkens the corners of the lips and the nose.

3. Apply it as concealer: Use this concealer on the inner corners of the eyes for a bright, refreshed appearance.

4. All-around approval: dermatologist-recommended, allergy-tested, and non-comedogenic.

5. Suitable for all skin types: All skin types, including sensitive skin, can use this.

4. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eye Silkissime

Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner from L’Oral Paris offers vivid color accuracy.
As a result, your eyes will glow and exude confidence.

1. Smooth in texture: The formula applies seamlessly and effortlessly to create a smooth, opulent line.

2. Water-resistant: It is a creamy and waterproof eyeliner pencil.

3. Ease of applications: Effortless and fluid gliding for stunning eye makeup.

4. Long-lasting result: The strength of the smudge-resistant solution lasts up to 16 hours.

5. Pigmented colors:  It has stunning color saturation.


Glam Attack is a long-lasting, highly pigmented liquid eyeshadow. Its long-wearing pigments can enhance any look.

1. Liquid consistency: Its non-greasy, useable liquid-to-powder composition provides significant color payback and color-changing shimmer.

2. Smudge-proof: This multifaceted liquid eyeshadow has brilliant adaptability and doesn’t budge or fall out during the day.

3. Got it all covered: Every look can benefit from the thickness, texture, sharpness, or shine provided by this highlighter.

4. You will need makeup remover: Ensure you are employing a professional makeup removal procedure because persistence is outstanding.

5. Cruelty-free: This item is free of animal testing.

6. Thrive Causemetics Highlighting Stick

This high-performance stick gives your eyes the right shade of color and radiance while hydrating your face with cutting-edge natural ingredients to tighten it up. Additionally, it makes you seem fully awake.

1. Instant awakens eyes: Blemishes get noticeably dispersed with a beautiful, bright sheen that awakens tired, dreary skin for an immediate eye lift.

2. Erase wrinkles and creases: It gives hydrating moisture that balances the skin’s appearance and helps hide the appearance of wrinkles and texture.

3. You can apply it to your face: Your cheekbones, nose, and lip can get subtly highlighted by adding more blending to the product. As a highlighter, you can use it to draw attention to the corners of your eyes, lips, and eyelids.

4. Various shades: The Thrive Highlighting Sticks come in several colors.

7. Ownest 12 Packs Professional Highlighter Eye Liner Pen

The highlighters in this 12-pack are simple to apply and sharpen. After using it, you’ll get a smooth line. You will achieve a smudge-proof, all-day eye look with it.

1. Smooth line in a single sweep: The white eyeliner pencil applies easily. Create elaborate eyeliner easily with the perfectly alright pen’s smooth texture and excellent flex capability.

2. It will last a while: The waterproof, long-lasting formula highlights the eye’s contour and gives the eyes a seductive glow.

3. Skin-friendly: The composition is very gentle and safe. It is free of parabens and methanol. There is no animal testing. 

4. Multi-purpose: Use for many purposes. Apply it as a highlighter, eye shadow, or eyeliner.

5. Use makeup wipes: Use warm water and makeup wipes to clean.

So, these are the top seven inner highlighters for you. The majority of them have multiple uses and are durable. You can get them from Amazon with no trouble.

How to Apply a Highlighter on the Inner Eye? 

Even one makeup item might alter the way you look overall. You may achieve full coverage, heavy party-appropriate looks, and effortlessly attractive ones. It relies on how you wish to create the overall appearance.

To create the perfect eye makeup look, applying a slight shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes makes your eyes stand out and offers a pleasant way to enhance your makeup. The appearance of your eyes can get significantly changed by applying a tiny dab of highlighter.

The widespread practice of “eye strobing,” also known as inner corner highlighting, has recently spread worldwide. It gives the illusion that you are more vigilant and that your eyes are more prominent.

Therefore, if you are among those who are prepared to give it a try or if you have already tried but failed miserably, then this tutorial is for you. We’ll demonstrate how to apply a highlighter to the inner eye in the sections below because there are several different ways to do so.

Step 1: Select the type of highlighter

You must first choose the type of highlighter you want to apply to your eyes. There are various highlighters, including powder, cream, and pencil versions. 

It is best to use an eyeliner pencil on the inner corners of the eyes. One of the most effective and straightforward methods for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes is with an eyeliner pencil. It will last for a very long time and blend the shimmer beautifully. Pick out a highlighter pencil with a reputable brand. 

Step 2: How to do it

Adding highlighter or glitter eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye is best done after applying a liquid or creamy neutral tone. Following that, apply a highlighter again and use your eyeliner as usual.

Step 3: Use your fingertips

Use your fingertips to apply the powder highlighter to the inside corners of your eyes. Placement shouldn’t be a big deal. Consider moving the highlighter closer to the sides of your nose to give the illusion of bigger eyes.

Step 4: Use the makeup brush

Try doing this with a brush as well to be more accurate. Use water or a setting spray to dampen the brush before applying powder highlighter. Apply it to the corners of your eyes. Additionally, you can move it nearer to the lash line.

Moreover, as with your eye makeup look, you should choose where to apply your inner eye highlighter based on its precise area. Choosing the right shade and technique for the inner eye highlighter is also essential.

Although, if you attempted putting your highlighter on the area around your eyes and the outcomes didn’t look like what you were hoping for, the highlighter’s quality is most likely responsible. Basic sense, some highlighters are more effective on the eye corners inside.

What to Use to Highlight the Inner Corner of the Eye?

There are numerous highlighter options available on the market. Recently, it has become fashionable to use a highlighter to make the inner corners of the eyes glow. The use of a highlighter now draws attention to both the eyes and the face, unlike in the past.

If you’re new to using highlighters, be aware that various types can get used in the inner corner of your eyes. It takes a tiny observation to figure out which highlighter best suits your eyes.

The three different types of highlighters that you can apply to the inner corner of your eyes are listed below. 

1. Powder highlighter

Pair highlighters work well on all skin types when creating a shimmering look. Due to their ease of use and range of colors, powder highlighters are the most well-known. Enhancing natural brightness is the goal of powder highlighters, which are simpler to create and maintain. If you apply too much, it’s easier to remove or tone it down.

Applying a powder highlighter with a fan brush may get a uniform, shimmering shine. You can either use your finger to press the product in or apply it with a moist brush to the inner corners of your eyes.

2. Cream highlighter   

The texture of the cream is made to blend effortlessly into the skin, leaving behind a gentle glow that can get used daily. Use the cream highlighter to brighten and subtly highlight the area beneath the eyes. Instead of using a brush to apply cream, use your fingers or a blending tool to press it into the inner corner areas.

Draw attention to the eyes by using the applicator tip of a cream or liquid highlighter. Put a minimal highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to achieve the desired appearance.

3. Highlighter pencil

Practical and hard to lose, highlighter pencils are convenient. You can always touch up the pencil highlighter, which is portable.

Using a pencil, draw a line along the waterline and then move the pencil toward the inner corners of the eyes to highlight them. Compared to other methods, this one is the most successful at making the eyes appear more prominent. Therefore it will significantly alter the appearance of small eyes.

Can You Use a Highlighter as an Eyeshadow? 

The beauty industry has always considered highlighter as a prominent factor. We had yet to learn that influencers and beauty experts used highlighters in various ways. It can be complicated to apply eyeshadow as a highlighter. However, one point is for sure: the brushes you choose are essential.

A simple, shiny eyeshadow can work wonders when you want to avoid working with a complicated color scheme. Run your eyeshadow brush through a highlighter palette before using it on your eyelids.

People who favor wearing minimal makeup and who steer clear of wearing bright colors look stunning in this. A liquid highlighter can also be spread with a beauty blender and then applied to your eyelids using a finger. Blendable Eyeshadoes’ emphasizing color is suitable for adding a dash of glitter.

So, that is how it gets done. The best inner eye highlighter was something we wanted to share with you guys. In addition to showing you how to do it perfectly, we have also given you instructions on how to do it. Hopefully, you can now do this eye makeup perfectly.

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