Best Numbing Cream for Microneedling

Which is the Best Numbing Cream for Microneedling?

Microneedling is a helpful technique for enhancing appearance. It is still a popular anti-aging technique because of its effectiveness and comparative affordability to laser treatment.

You’ll find that certain areas of the body, such as the face, are much more delicate than others. Therefore, applying numbing cream beforehand may be necessary to stimulate collagen with a needle.

Nothing is more distressing than experiencing discomfort while having micro-needling conducted on your face, lips, or other delicate parts of your body. Therefore, we’ve compiled some medically proven numbing creams and other essential facts about them.

Top 5 Face Numbing Creams for Microneedling in 2023:

Micro-needling promotes skin regeneration using tiny needles that get pushed against the skin. The micro-needling tool’s minute pinhole leaks remove skin imperfections and encourage the growth of fresh, healthy skin.

Microneedling still stings, even if you don’t have sensitive skin. So that you may gain maximum outcomes without being worried about being harmed every time you perform micro-needling, you require something to dull the pain.

Applying this ointment before you begin micro-needling will help you stay pain-free. In addition, numbing cream, which is highly effective at reducing pain during micro-needling, will enable you to live comfortably and achieve better results without getting hurt.

Here are the best numbing creams listed below, which you can try before the treatment.

1. Numbskin Numbing Cream | Maximum Strength Pain Relieving Cream:


The lidocaine cream 5%: Any needle or laser session will be smooth and painless with the help of this 5% lidocaine cream. The discomfort will get lessened, and the skin will become numb. You will be able to try micro-needling without any anxiety. It will also function for piercing.

No Cruelty: All people should be cared for, according to Numbskin. Their goods are free of animal byproducts; no animals got used in the testing process. Additionally, a child-resistant cover is placed over them to protect children from harm.

Protects Your Skin: It is impossible to accomplish without experiencing agony. This ointment quickly penetrates the skin for a numbing sensation and to lessen pain before micro-needling. This fast-acting painkiller allows you to get ready in 15 to 30 minutes.

Hemorrhoids: The Numbskin ointment helps to reduce hemorrhoids’ soreness, puffiness, itching, and irritation.

Pain-free: The pain will be blocked for hours by NumbSkin’s medications. It doesn’t take much to ease discomfort; apply lidocaine 5% direct numbing cream wherever you need relief.

2. Zensa Numbing Cream | Max Pain Relief for Microneedling:


Highest possible 5% Lidocaine: This local application of Zensa Numbing Cream temporarily prevents and relieves discomfort. The top quality currently offered is in this 5% lidocaine cream. Any pharmacy can offer this direct numbing lotion that doesn’t alter the structure of your skin, narrow your blood vessels, or weaken the way colors settle into your skin.

Effective for a longer time: Its quick-acting, long-lasting, and pH-natural qualities make it a favorite among beauty and medical specialists. With reapplying during the session, the speedy formulation’s numbing effects can get maintained for 6–8 hours.

Within 20 minutes after applying, it begins to work. It is appropriate to use close to the most delicate facial features, such as the cheeks and eyebrows, without affecting how ink settles.

Approved by various experts and artists: Fifty thousand artists and specialists in the cosmetics and medical fields adore the special. Leading tattooists, cosmetic surgeons, and micro-needling professionals all around North America choose Zensa. It is hypoallergenic and free of cruelty.

Other Components: It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant whose anti-inflammatory properties help to speed up the skin’s healing process while calming stinging, peeling, and blistering. Zensa holds both FDA and Health Canada certifications. Use this numbing cream as part of your pain management routine.

3. Ink Scribd Tattoo Numbing Cream | Premium Anesthetic Lidocaine Cream:


Best formula: You will receive maximum pain relief without a prescription. The cream is a solid topical anesthetic that eases and reduces any discomfort, bruises, stiffness, wounds, severe blistering, or other problems.

Durable: Usually, numbing creams lose their effect after 20 minutes. However, it could go on for two hours. It is useless to experience pain throughout a process. Purchase numbing cream that remains effective throughout.

Good absorption: Speedily begins to function; complete effects appear after 15-20 minutes. This lidocaine cream shouldn’t be applied and left on for 45 minutes before working. Instead, purchase a numbing cream that will start working straight away. Put an end to the nearly hour-long wait for numbing your skin.

Complete assurance: If the numbing cream doesn’t meet your expectations, you can exchange it for a full refund within 365 days. So affirm your purchase.

4. Deeveeant Numbing Cream | Topical Pain Relief:


Useful for everything: There are numerous cosmetic procedures available, including epilation, electroplating, needles and shots, waxing, micro-needling, laser therapy, and piercings. Use this potent lido cream for various derma treatments that call for numb skin.

Premium ingredients: The formulation includes 4% liquid lidocaine, aloe vera, tea tree, and jojoba oils. When used together, they help to soothe and moisturize your skin and leave you smelling fresh. Use the cream with more benefits.

Trustworthy: With improved absorption, the most potent analgesic effect get achieved without leaving an oily residue behind. It is a non-sticky, non-oily, irritant- and burning-free, and gentle on clothing.

Quick response: The numbing sensation starts to feel as soon as it’s absorbed and can last for about two hours. On clean skin, only apply a thick coat and unwind. To prevent the cream from wearing out, reapply it as necessary or use cling film. Simple removal with a moist towel is all you need to do when finished.

5. Numb Master Numbing Cream | Long-Lasting Pain Relief Cream:


Pain relief: You will receive 5% topical lidocaine in this, which will provide short-term numbing alleviation for anorectal redness, problems, and agony.
There is no requirement for a prescription.

Persistent: The numbing effect begins after five minutes, intensifies in twenty to twenty-five minutes, and lasts for an hour—well past the optimal—before wearing off.

Water-based: Numbmaster doesn’t have a sticky residue like other oil-based formulations. Its water-based anesthetic makes absorption simple and cleanup hassle-free.

Safe to use: Numbmaster advised by doctors. It is also free of discomfort, parabens, and cruelty.

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing Numbing Cream for Microneedling:

The term “needle” in the title of the treatment, micro-needling, gives it a threatening sound. Although the technique does entail numbing cream, it is painless and has several additional skin-improving advantages.

Although having needles placed into your face for skin care may be unsettling, the treatment’s success is undeniable when you view the before-and-after photos.

We’ve included a few things to think about while selecting a numbing cream for micro-needling to help you feel more confident about the procedure:

  • BLT, the triple anesthetic: Microneedling and other skin treatments can be made more accessible via BLT. The composition of benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (6%), and tetracaine (4%), which is our most preferred prescription, are interchangeable.

About a half-hour before the procedure, the BLT numbing cream is used to allow the chemicals to work. It is generally more effective to use a topical anesthetic cream than an injection anesthetic when used correctly.

Clients can quickly return to regular work after receiving the BLT cream application before micro-needling. There is no need to stop micro-needling even though it causes discomfort, bruising, and occasionally bleeding.

  • Alternative Aesthetic Procedures: Besides being the most effective direct anesthetic for micro-needling, BLT Cream also has several other advantages. Botox, filler implants, and other cosmetic procedures can get made tolerable with the temporary numbing technique.
  • Who can use numbing cream: Plastic surgeons ought to be the only people using this ointment due to the intense nature of the anesthetic components. Creams containing tetracaine, lidocaine, and benzocaine should not be misused. A compounding drugstore will only sell BLT cream with a medication.

How Can I Use Numbing Cream Before Microneedling?

It’s common to stress about discomfort during the process, despite the numerous advantages of micro-needling. Thankfully, the majority of people claim they don’t find the procedure to be uncomfortable. Due to multiple preparation-related aspects, micro-needling typically causes considerable pain but does not always cause pain.

We’ll explain how to apply numbing cream here and what steps you should take before micro-needling.

  1. Within 24 hours of your micro-needling session, abstain from alcohol.
  2. Before the process starts, your specialist should thoroughly explain everything.
  3. Ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed and dried.
  4. Use numbing cream on delicate areas.
  5. If you want to put the cream directly on your lips, keep it away from your eyelids and prevent putting it in your mouth.
  6. Apply a generous amount (between 1 and 2 cm) of the numbing cream using a sanitized applicator. In case further coverage is required, reapply. Avoid rubbing it in.
  7. Keep the numbing cream on for the recommended time, usually between 15 and 30 minutes. If you leave it on, it won’t keep numbing you for longer.
  8. To begin micro-needling, remove the cream.
  9. Before starting the treatment, use clean gauze to wash away any extra cream.
  10. Now, you are ready for the pain-free micro-needling session.

How Long Does Numbing Cream Last?

Using numbing cream might make you feel more at peace when having micro-needling done. This is because the anti-inflammatory medication gets used to numb the skin before the treatment, so you won’t experience any pain.

Furthermore, it reduces agony after beauty treatments and soreness, irritation, and inflammation, resulting in positive outcomes without suffering. Individuals with more expertise can also get positive results thanks to numbing cream, which is enormously beneficial if you have sensitive skin or a lower pain threshold.

After undergoing treatments such as micro-needling and derma rolling, swelling is less likely because of numbing creams’ ability to reduce blood pumping. In addition, the pain of micro-needling can be easily alleviated using numbing cream for derma rolling, which doesn’t take much work from you.

Thirty minutes after applying the medication, the skin will feel numb. If the needle operation takes longer than expected, wipe off the cream within an hour of using it. After removing the cream, the skin will remain numb for an hour.

Moreover, based on the kind of skin, the numbing effects can persist for up to 3–4 hours. Therefore, those seeking painless micro-needling treatments should find this duration sufficient.

Does Numbing Cream Work for Tattoos?

Even if getting a tattoo hurts, there is a method for reducing the pain. Various techniques, such as numbing creams, can ease the discomfort. These creams are popular because of their many over-the-counter alternatives. For most, creams used to neutralize tattoos perform well for numerous people.

The majority of the time, these harmless and effective tattoo-numbing creams work. Most consumers choose to utilize them since they facilitate the experience more conveniently. With these treatments, even a tiny amount of the stress related to getting a tattoo can get reduced.

Finding a company with a lot of lidocaine is essential if you’re keen on numbing cream. This substance will calm the skin and lessen discomfort during the tattooing process.

Furthermore, you can apply numbing cream before getting a tattoo using the numbing cream we mentioned previously.

Final Words

Scars, blemishes, creases, and other skin flaws can all get removed with micro-needling. But you’re hesitant to undergo this treatment since you do not wish to endure the agony.

Imagine getting a simple method for numbing your skin during micro-needling sessions so that the discomfort won’t prevent you from embracing this revolutionary procedure.

Due to this, we have included the best numbing cream for micro-needling in this article. With these analgesic creams, you can complete this procedure painlessly.

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