Creed Royal Mayfair Discontinued

Is Creed Royal Mayfair Discontinued? Is it True?

Around 1760, The House of Creed got created. The company was initially established in London by James Henry Creed, who provided the English Royal Court with bespoke apparel, aromatic leather gloves, and handmade scents.

Let me provide you with information about the Creed company.

House of Creed’s legacy uses the finest ingredients worldwide to create scents. In keeping with James Creed, the creator of the House, each fragrance is measured, combined, thoroughly mixed, and purified by hand.

Today, Creed makes its perfumes from the finest synthetic materials and traditional methods, with organic ingredients making up most of its ingredients.

Royal Mayfair is merely one of Creed’s earlier scents. Customers have recently complained that they can’t find their 100ml Royal Mayfair. The majority of them believe Creed must have discontinued the scent.

But the truth is that Creed didn’t stop making the scent. You can still purchase the 75 ml and 129 ml bottles, but only the 100 ml Royal Mayfair bottle is out of stock.

Let’s begin our further discussion.

Any Alternative to this Perfume?

The best thing to do in the absence of Creed Royal Mayfair is to look for an alternative. Instead of waiting for them to return, it is preferable to explore a substitute. Here are a few scents that have aromas in common. They should be helpful to you.

1. Carnal Flower Eau De Perfume by Frederic Malle:

The floral scent Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle is available for both genders. Carnal Flower gradually disappears, leaving behind a jasmine scent that is slightly velvety, sporadic in its hints of tuberose and green.

It is an elegant, beautiful, and even subdued floral that looks very presentable. This luxurious, seductive fragrance is perfect for warm evenings.

2. Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Spray:

Both men and women can enjoy Jo Malone London’s Velvet Rose and Oud Cologne Intense, an amber floral scent. A lovely, genuine red rose with a tinge of smokey oud and cloves wrapped in praline deliciousness. It gets suggested for everyday use. This fragrance uses very mild, acceptable oud.

3. Bvlgari Man in Black:

Spicy, rum, tobacco, leathery, iris, Tonka, and guaiac oak can all get found in Bvlgari Man in Black’s fragrance notes. That is a masculine scent for men. It lasts a long time.

The perfume frequently gets down to six hours or less during the winter. Winter and fall are the best seasons to wear this perfume. It is an exceptionally well-made perfume for men who prefer more robust, heavier aromas.

These, however, are among the scents with a scent comparable to Creed Royal Mayfair. Even though they don’t precisely resemble Creed Royal, you’ll eventually like it.

Creed Royal Mayfair review:

Now let’s look at the overall review of Creed Royal Mayfair.

Creed Royal Mayfair for Unisex:

To date, Creed has created several classic fragrances. They are a historical company that has been around for many years.

Creed’s favorite scent for men, Royal Mayfair, debuted in 2015. This delicious floral scent combines gin, citrus, pine tree, rose, tangerine, cedar, and eucalyptus.

The fragrance notes:

The spicy tones highlight this classic fragrance. Gin, lime, and pine tree are the primary notes of the perfume. The middle note is all about the ideal aesthetic sensation of a rose. The final notes of the base notes are tangerine, wood, and eucalyptus.


This fragrance’s floral and tropical undertones won excellent appreciation from most of the reviewers. The perfume is gender-neutral. It performs extraordinarily well. The fragrance is energizing enough for summertime and potent enough for winter.


Except for when you perspire heavily, it lasts the same time as all the other creeds. It can be a unique smell if you’re the outgoing type. If you feel comfortable wearing florals, this is a beautiful romantic scent. It is classy and daring enough to go with any formal event. You’ll get projected for hours on end throughout the entire day.

Last but not least, this has the most regal aroma of all the royal Creeds. The reviews are generally trustworthy and favorable. It is, without a doubt, something you should buy.

What is the Best Perfume from Creed? 

The luxury fragrance brand Creed has been operating for generations. It has created scents for monarchs and famous people all around the world.
Creed is renowned for making sophisticated original perfumes from the best components that stand out in a sea of imitations.

The majority of their collection of women’s fragrances appears to be floral. Still, each one has a particular variation that adds citrus, peppery, or other overtones. In addition, Creed is one of the strongest, most prosperous, and most adventurous scents for men.

We have compiled a list of some of Creed’s most popular perfumes for both men and women:

  1. Creed Green Irish tweed
  2. Creed original santal
  3. Royal Princess Oud
  4. Tubereuse Indiana
  5. Creed Bois Du Portugal
  6. Creed Love in white
  7. Acqua Fiorentina Perfume
  8. Creed Millésime Impérial

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to spot a fake bottle of Creed Royal Mayfair?

You can tell if you carry a genuine Creed bottle by several label characteristics. Creed scents have distinctly different aromas from the replica ones. You should also read the box and any information that displays on it.

Once more, the writing would be clear and understandable if Creed had written it. Speaking, a fake bottle will be of poor quality.

What does Creed Royal Mayfair smell like?

The aroma of Royal Mayfair’s is initially quite intense, with a potent pine note mixed with a boisterous gin and eucalyptus aroma. It has a very adaptable scent with a strong, assertive earthy rose, a robust and zesty pine, and a fresh, potent floral.

Are Creed perfumes worth it?

Most of Creed’s customers are celebrities. The perfumes are continuously manufactured effectively and can earn the title of luxury goods. Because it is a premium brand, the price is higher.

Creed is for you if you only buy name-brand goods of the highest caliber and are willing to invest. Their perfumes are worth buying because they get made with the best ingredients.

Last but not least, the answer is that Creed Royal Mayfair is still available, just not in its 100ml container. We have described the quality of Creed Royal Mayfair and other well-known Creed fragrances in this article.

For both men and women, you can purchase premium cologne or perfume. All you have to do is look over the list we provided. Because they produce their scents with the best ingredients, don’t worry about the quality.

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