Differin VS Panoxyl

Differin VS Panoxyl: Which One is Better for Your Acne Skin?

Throughout the world, acne is the most significant skin problem. No matter your age or gender, acne will affect you at some point. Acne comes in various kinds and can affect a person’s body in mild to severe ways.

Many skincare companies have created various formulations of acne solutions to treat mild to severe acne or recurring breakouts. Two leading brands that produce acne products and address these issues are Panoxyl and Differin.

And today, we’ll explain how these two brands are superior to one another in terms of effectiveness. We’ll review the variations in this article and leave it up to you to choose which is best for you.

Overview Between Differin and Panoxyl:

Before we discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and other comparisons, let’s first give a quick overview.

First, Differin:

The Differin Daily Deep Cleanser’s 5% micronized benzoyl peroxide concentration get designed to penetrate deeply into pores, eradicating bacteria and excess oil. Moreover, it simultaneously delivers a mild moisturizer to assist in balancing your skin and ward off undesired roughness.

The 5% benzoyl peroxide concentration in Differin Daily Deep Cleanser, which the manufacturer claims are as potent as a 10% solution, aims to address this issue by enabling customers to utilize the advantages without irritation.

It contains no strong alcohols, common allergies, scents, oils, parabens, or silicones. But sulfates are present nonetheless. Many reviews praise the product’s effectiveness in clearing up their skin and its affordability.

Now, Panoxyl:

Skin can often withstand more benzoyl peroxide when treating body acne. Antiseptic benzoyl peroxide, one of its main ingredients, is used. The product claims to cleanse your skin of impurities, open up clogged pores, and destroy acne-causing bacteria. 

It will help treat current breakouts and prevent any future ones. The PanOxyl Wash contains the highest amount of benzoyl peroxide, sold without a prescription, at 10%.

It is free of harmful alcohol, usual allergies, oils, and parabens. There are sulfates, silicones, and fragrances. For problems with acne and recurrent breakouts, dermatologists advise using it.

What are the Procedures to Use to Get the Best Result?

Differin Daily Deep Cleanser:

You can use only the Differin at any time of day. When the skin is cleaned and patted dry (never rubbed), it should always get used as soon as possible.

Apply gently all over the face, avoiding the area around the eyes for about 20 to 30 seconds. Wash well, then pat yourself dry. Begin with one daily application and increase to two or three times daily to avoid over-drying the skin.

Restrict use to once daily or every other day if uncomfortable roughness or flaking develops. If you have delicate skin or benzoyl peroxide triggers an allergy, stay away from using it. Stop using immediately and seek medical attention if the irritation worsens.

Panoxyl Wash:

To treat, prevent, and clear acne, use PanOxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide Acne Foaming Wash. Benzoyl peroxide comes in various strengths to suit your needs. The best PanOxyl benzoyl peroxide washes for mild to moderate acne is Daily Creamy Wash at 4% and the Acne Foaming Wash at 10%.

Check if you are allergic to a new acne treatment before using it on yourself. You can use it if you don’t react allergically to the product.

Wet the skin before applying. 1-2 minutes of gentle massaging into the skin with the hands after applying PanOxyl. Towel dry after a complete rinse. There is no need to scrub your skin. Regular use of PanOxyl will keep your pores clean and prevent recurring breakouts. For optimal results, apply it each day while taking a shower.

What Ingredients are Used in the Formula?

The main ingredients of both Differin and Panoxyl are listed below.

1. Differin:

• Benzoyl Peroxide

The top-of-the-line topical acne treatment ingredient. The extraordinary effectiveness of BP in treating acne of the inflammatory variety. With it, acne can get treated. It also has wound-healing, keratolytic, and other properties that help it fight blemishes effectively. But it can worsen eczema, itchy, dry skin, and extreme dryness.

• Glycerin

Your skin contains glycerin in its natural state. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties and is tasteless, colorless, and non-toxic. With skincare products, glycerin is a moisturizing agent to aid in the skin’s water-holding capacity. It also helps to strengthen the protective barrier by providing defense against skin irritants.

2. Panoxyl:

• Benzoyl Peroxide 4%

Although Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) is not a miraculous treatment for acne, it is arguably the most effective option available. In topical treatments, BP is most effective as a last resort. 

The benefit of BP is that it fights acne of the inflammatory type with exceptional effectiveness. In a single step, it heals current breakouts and aids in preventing the growth of new pimples.

• Carbomer

Carbomer is a kind of polymer made of acrylic acid. Giving things a gel texture is its primary purpose. Several different types of cosmetic products frequently contain carbomer. A 15% concentration is considered tolerable. However, excessive carbomer can cause consequences for pills.

How Effective are these Two Products? 

Effectiveness of Differin:

Differin has a micronized formula that performs a dual action by absorbing extra sebum and creating a light moisturizer that won’t clog pores. Perfect for those seeking a potent, thorough wash that won’t harm their skin. It involves deep pore cleaning. The mild formulation is ideal for sensitive skin. 

After using the Differin cleanser, most people experience the benefits for two weeks.

Panoxyl’s Efficacy:

If you’re beginning to incorporate this ingredient into your routine, Panoxyl Wash Benzoyl Peroxide 4% is ideal. This solution includes 4% benzoyl peroxide, mild enough for regular use but potent enough to clear even the most challenging acne. 

Acne gets cleared, treated, and prevented by cleaning and unclogging pores. Bacteria that cause acne are also eliminated by it. It’s also great to get rid of dead skin cells.

Moreover, the typical duration of action for Panoxyl acne cleaning foam is three weeks.

Panoxyl vs Differin: Price and Value Comparision

In reality, these products don’t have much price difference. They both fall within the same range. Differin cleansers are moderately more expensive than Panoxyl acne washes. Compared to other cleaners of a similar nature, using these products typically costs more.

Our Expert’s Recommendation: Which One is Best for Your Skin?

Applying Differin leaves a frothy, slippery feeling and has little to no aroma. Although clean, your skin wouldn’t feel too rough or harsh. But you have to apply moisturizer. Moreover, the price is fair.

Use PanOxyl Acne Treatment 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Foaming Wash if you like the foaming wash feel and want the highest benzoyl peroxide concentration that gets sold without a prescription. If you have susceptible skin, avoid using it too frequently.

However, dermatologists advise using both of them. The amount of benzoyl peroxide is the only significant variation. Our recommendation is not to use PanOxyl benzoyl peroxide if you have sensitive skin. It will aggravate your issue. You have complete freedom of choice aside from that.

Here, the discussion comes to a close. For skin that is prone to acne, both brands are influential. However, which one is best for you solely depends on your skin type. We advise you to speak with your doctor before applying anything to treat acne.

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