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Does Joico Cause Hair Loss? In-depth Article for Hair Fall Solution

Hair loss is a major problem among every aged people. Multiple causes can be involved here. Using harsh chemical products, weather, or genetic reason are the prime ones.

Joice is a haircare brand that works for hair loss problems. You’ve definitely heard of them! Their shampoos and conditioners are renowned for highly effective on hair.

But there is happen to have mixed reviews on their haircare products. Does their shampoo actually work, or is it all hype?

That’s what we will try to disclose today. In this article, we tried to give you an explanation of does Joico causes hair loss. Also, you will find some relatable information on hair loss and hair growth.

Read on to know more.

Is there any cause for Joico Shampoo Hair Loss?

Joice is a famous brand. You will find a wide range of products for your hair and scalp. Their dermatologists provide accurate research for the products.

Anyway, after looking at the internet and reading some of the customer reviews, we found mixed views on Joice’s shampoos.

As we are talking about hair loss, there were a few comments on this issue. Many customers claimed that they have started seeing the differences. Hair fall is getting much better. No more hairs on the floor.

On the contrary, we have some read negative reviews as well. Few women complained that their hair loss has gotten worse than before. Using Joice shampoos didn’t serve them much. Their dermatologist told them to stop using Joice.

However, you will see both negative and positive suggestions about Joice. It is up to you if you want to apply it or not.

What are the Ingredients in Shampoo that Cause Hair Loss?

Do you check the ingredients of your shampoo? The answer is mostly no. It occurs because either we don’t care about the ingredients or we do not understand their importance.

One thing that we are not aware of is that the wrong shampoo can cause hair loss. Nobody really likes losing their hair to toxic substances found in shampoos and hair care products.

Dermatologists throughout the world agree to reconsider our hair product selections, along with other concerns. Neglecting this precaution might result in serious hair loss problems.

Here, we highlighted several hazardous ingredients found in the shampoo. These are the chemicals that cause hair loss. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Sulfates

Sulfates go deeper into the hair, eliminating debris and oil, and dirt that has accumulated on the scalp.

Sulfates, on the other hand, may be excessively good at cleaning. As a result, it may deplete your scalp’s natural defense oils, making your hair dry and fragile, Here are more reasons for your dry and ugly hair. Actually, this contributes to hair loss.

Sodium lauryl sulfates and sodium Laureth sulfates are two of the most frequent sulfates to eliminate.

2. Chemical Fragrances

Whenever we try to buy shampoo, we are generally attracted to its aroma.

Shampoos and other skin care products contain chemical scents. Despite their lovely smell, these fragrances can potentially cause hormone imbalances. And hair loss is often related to hormone imbalances.

Thus, the next time you want to buy shampoo simply because it smells great, think twice! Complex chemical perfumes can prove to be detrimental to your hair.

3. Sodium Chloride

As a stiffening ingredient, sodium chloride, commonly recognized as salt, is used in shampoo and conditioner. It’s what gives most self-care items their rich, creamy texture. 

However, don’t let that tempting feeling lead you to buy particular hair products. Sodium chloride, like sulfates, can deplete your hair strands’ oils, resulting in a dull, flaky scalp and potential hair loss.

4. Diethanolamine

Preservatives, such as parabens, are found in shampoo. Check the contents list for words that end in -parabens in beauty treatments, including methylparaben and propylparaben. 

As they affect a person’s hormones directly, they are similar to scents. Likewise, they make people’s hormones react directly to them. It contributes to breast cancer.
Have you ever considered that your favorite hair product could be a cancer-causing agent? You must have figured this out yet!

Therefore, the product contains not only these four kinds of harmful chemicals but also Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine (TEA), Formaldehyde, and alcohol.

What Should You Look For in a Hair Growth Shampoo?

Whereas a hair growth shampoo won’t make your hair grow immediately, it will help you get thicker, healthier hair. Using a hair growth shampoo can boost the growth of hair. 

After researching, we found some content that helps to grow hair strongly.

Zinc, keratin, procyanidin B2, biotin, ginseng, caffeine, peppermint, arginine, amino acids like cysteine and tyrosine, vegetable proteins from wheat or soy, and tri-copper peptides contribute to hair growth.

Additionally, salicylic acid exfoliates the scalp and improves blood circulation and biotin. It may strengthen the hair follicles and can also be helpful in a hair growth shampoo.

Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Growth Fast?

If you are trying to find shampoo for hair growth, you won’t have to look further. There are many shampoos available on the market whose main target is hair growth.

Do not worry about searching for one. Because we got you covered. BIOLAGE Advanced Full Density Thickening Shampoo will fulfill your hair growth goal.

BIOLAGE is the shampoo for your frizzy and thin hair. Using BIOLAGE will bring shine and remove all weak hair strands. Soon you will see fuller and healthy-looking hair. 

Moreover, it has no Paraben and is totally vegan.

Also, Try This Hair Growth Shampoo | Expert Recommended:

What Experts Talk About Hair Loss?

As we talked about hair loss and what type of content in the shampoo makes it worse. It is worth seeing some expert recommendations for hair loss as well. To better understand hair loss.

Dermatologist Jennifer T. Haley practices in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Let’s see what she suggests for hair loss.

She said losing hair can happen for various reasons, including your DNA, lifestyle, medical issues, and thus more. The following list is the tips for getting healthy and stronger hair.

• Take a consultation with a board-certified specialist.
• Control your stress situation.
• Find time to massage your scalp daily.
• Check your diet.
• When necessary, take a vitamin supplement.
• Avoid dying, tweezing, and chemical straightening yourself at home.
• Avoid hot oiling and blow dryer.
• Use hair loss shampoos.

To get the maximum result in getting healthier hair, try to consult with an expert and follow these tips to have shiny hair.

Lastly, we portray all the information about hair loss and hair growth. Also, the answer to the question does Joico causes hair loss. We hope you got all your confusion clear. However, take good care of your hair in a suitable way.

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