can you dye your hair with mica powder

Can You Dye Your Hair With Mica Powder? – 7 Steps to Follow

Suppose you are thinking about getting your hair dye and looking for something less expensive. Mica powder may be the answer.

Natural stone minerals with gleaming flakes are micas. As a mica pulverizer, a powdery substance is formed. Besides, it is used extensively by artists. Since it makes things shiny and has the perfect amount of pigmentation, you might wonder whether it can get used on dying hair. But, honestly, guessing like that is not that wrong. 

Following that curiosity about mica powder, today we will talk about the most asked question regarding mica powder. 

Without further ado. Let’s get started!

Is Really Any Way to Dye the Hair by Using Mica Powder?

In nature, mica occurs as a mineral. Therefore, a powdered base that uses it enhances the transparency and pigment of colored formulations. Mica powders provide a dazzling appearance, similar to fine glitter. They get utilized to create a metallic or pearl-like appearance. The colors of these pigments are diverse.

However, if you want to use mica powder on your hair, go for it. There are a bunch of people who tried mica on their hair. Also, mice powder has a variety of colors. So you can initiate a little experiment. But we will suggest doing a little research on it. Additionally, you can read more below to discover how to use mica powder on hair. 

Remember one thing mica powder won’t stay on the hair for a long time. It is like an instant or one-time solution. 

How to Use Mica Powder as Hair Dye | 7 Steps to Follow

It is possible to use mica powder as a hair dye now that we know it. All we have to do is learn how to apply it. Do not worry. We got your back. Let’s see the process of doing it thoroughly. First, assemble everything you will need throughout the hair dye solutions. Here is the list you might need before you start. 

Gloves made of latex and vinyl
• Color mixing bowls
• Foil
• Bleaching substances
• Whisks for mixing
• Plastic covering capes

Next, after collecting all the necessary stuff, you can begin with the hair dye process. Suppose you are using mica powder on the hair directly, without mixing it with water or gel. You should use a makeup brush and start from root to tip. It will be messy, but eventually, you will see the work. 

Finish it with hair spray to set it perfectly.  

On the other hand, mica powder can also get used as a liquid. First, let’s look at the instruction. Here are the seven steps to doing it.

  1. First, take a patch taste on the hand. So that you can find out if it causes any skin irritation.
  2. Drape the plastic covering caper around your shoulder. It will prevent dripping any extra on your clothes. Don’t forget to wear gloves.
  3. Make a section in your hair with a comb. Hair sections will depend on the hair thickness.
  4. If your hair is not bleached, use charcoal bleach to get the best result.
  5. Now, take a bowl and mix mica powder with water or hair gel. The gel can be aloe vera gel or conditioner.
  6. Take a brush and start applying the dye to your hair. Use foil to cover the hair dye.
  7. Wait for 10 to 30 minutes to dry. Lastly, wash the hair gently with shampoo.

I hope the final result will make you happy.

Is Mica Good For Hair?

The answer is Yes!

Mica is eligible for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification. Therefore, it is acceptable to apply cosmetics and beauty products directly. Mineral from the earth that imparts glimmer or gleam. Mica is a term used to describe a collection of minerals occurring in thin, crystalline sheets, like pearls. 

They come in various colors, including black, brown, pale green, and even colorlessness. So, we can state that there is no risk of putting mica powder in hair.

Popular 5 Ways to Use Mica Powder

Mica powder is very versatile when it comes to making any crafty item. It’s a non-toxic mineral with a gleaming, glittering appearance. Mica powder can be found in cosmetics, soaps, and moisturizers, including artwork products. Mica powder enhances any decorative items. Here we collected 5 of the popular ways of using mica powder:

1. Colorful Soap

From my perspective, mica powder performs effectively with dissolving and pouring soap formulations. Once the soap base gets melted, add the powder to it and stir well.

You can add the mica powder to the soap mixture before or after additional components like essential oils, shea butter, oats, etc.

2. Furniture

Did we mention mica powder is suitable for almost any application? We didn’t make any false statements. You can add it to the furniture. Just combine it with waxes, glazes, varnishes, lacquers, and topcoats.

Mica powder is a real treat to work with and gives a special touch to your creation.

3. Candles

Mica powder for candles could be helpful if you’re a regular candle creator who wants to add some color to your product. It is a good option if you want the hue to compliment the aromas in your candle.

Just swirled the mica powder into hot wax before putting it into any mold or container or dipping a wick.

4. Art Journal

Greeting cards, detailed and beautiful journaling, and album pages offered in craft stores are exorbitantly priced.

What else can you do is make a customized card or papercraft by creating or printing a design onto paper and then coating it with mica powder.

5. Clay

You can use mica powder in playdough. There are two ways of doing it. One is to add the powder with raw clay, and the other is to brush mica powder on the clay.

Moreover, there are several other ways to use mica powder besides these. 

Lastly, we can assure you to use mica powder in your hair. Just follow a few simple steps, and you are all good. However, we tried to put every possible information to answer. We hope you found all answers.

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  1. Melanie Goforth

    I just used EYE CANDY mica powder on my hair . I mixed it with a color safe conditioner . It looks incredible but how do I set the color so that it does not just wash out ?? White vinegar maybe ??

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