Eyelid Shape Changes

Why Does My Eye Shape Change Everyday? Possible Reasons & Solutions

When we look at someone, we first make eye contact, or if we are standing in front of a mirror, we usually look directly at our eyes. That is why the appearance of the eyes is so important.

Uneven eyelids or asymmetrical eyelids are prevalent issues. There is no need to worry, except if there is a medical problem. Uneven eyelids are usually more of a cosmetic issue than a medical issue.

And today, we will talk about uneven eye shapes. Find out what causes it and know how to fix it. Let’s start with the article.

Possible Reasons for Eyelid Shape Changes:

Having an uneven facial structure is very typical. There is nothing to be ashamed of. But if the unevenness develops day by day, it becomes pretty visible. It can happen for various reasons. 

Below, we will discuss some significant reasons behind uneven eyelid shapes.

1. Ptosis:

A variety of medical issues can cause uneven eyelids. Ptosis is one of them. Ptosis, also known as droopy eyelids, affects both eyes. It can be apparent at birth or develop at any age (congenital ptosis) or age (acquired ptosis). 

Ptosis is when the upper eyelids wobble to the point where eyesight is obstructed or reduced. Almost anyone can develop ptosis, but older people are more likely to create it. Ptosis is a condition that can result from trauma or eye surgery. 

Also, it can get caused by neurological symptoms, strokes, and tumors.

2. Aging:

Uncoordinated vision is more common as people get older. According to research in The National Library of Medicine, facial mismatch generally increases as people age.

The skin cells in the face may change their overall shape, which could account for this. Old bones get replaced by new ones during skeletal development, which can cause asymmetry. An uneven appearance can also be caused by the skin’s elasticity changing as you age. 

As you get older, your eyelids will also droop. Over time, the muscles that assist the eyelids may weaken. They will sag as a result, and their eyes will appear uneven.

3. Genetic:

Face symmetry is something that most humans are born with. Uncoordinated eyes can get traced back to genetics. It is possible to have asymmetry of the eyes due to genetically uneven eyelids or the shape of the nose. It is not necessary to be concerned about genetically uneven eyes. They’re familiar and don’t usually cause any health problems. The majority of genetically uneven eyelids are undetectable.

4. Sun Damages:

Uneven eyes can get caused by a variety of lifestyle factors. The tissue around the eyes can be affected by too much sun exposure. Asymmetry can result from sun exposure that affects one side of the face more than the other.

5. Bell’s Palsy:

Another medical issue for having an uneven eye shape is Bell’s palsy. Bell’s palsy is a provisional facial and body paralysis that occurs suddenly. The drooping of one side of the face affects the facial expression and one eye. Its investigation is still ongoing but could be caused by trauma, organ damage, or latent infection complexity.

How to Fix Uneven Eyelids in the Morning?

If you see your uneven eyelid in the morning and don’t want to go through all the medication, then let me tell you there are various ways to fix it temporarily. However, with those methods, you can make your eyes symmetrical; if you want, you can reapply these methods daily or occasionally.

Let’s see some of the temporary methods.

1. Makeup

You can give the appearance of symmetry by wearing makeup on particular parts of the eyelids. Since you’re not physically modifying the eyes or eyelids, this technique isn’t as impactful but can change how you look.

Also, you can transform the look of your eyes with eye makeup and eye shadow. When you apply makeup asymmetrically, you can enhance the appearance of one eye. 

In this way, the eyes appear more evenly distributed. Using your lashes, consider making one eye look more extensive or exposed. Moreover, makeup is, after all, only momentary. Other, more lasting alternatives to correct eye unevenness are available, but they come with a hefty cost and carry more uncertainties.

2. Eyelid Tape

Consider eyelid tape to be like a regular contact lens. It’s virtually impossible to notice you’re wearing them. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day. You’ll see the change as soon as you put them on.

Eyelid tape works by pulling loose skin around the eyelid. You should push up one or both eyes to make them look more balanced and attractive. Surgery is often more expensive and more dangerous right away. 

You get the same advantages. A well-made eyelid tape will be light and comfortable.

If you are looking for good quality eyelid tape, you can try this waterproof eyelid tape with Invisible Double Eyelid Stickers.

How Do You Fix Uneven Eyelids Naturally?

Uneven eyelids don’t require treatment that much. It is mainly the case if the asymmetry gets caused by genetics or aging. Medical conditions can cause facial asymmetry, which may require treatment.

In some cases, asymmetry in the eyes may lead to vision problems. And it can get fixed by cosmetic treatment. The following methods are the natural ways to fix uneven eyelids.

1. Exercising The Eyelids

As your eyes become lax and tired, or if your lids become heavy, you should start exercising your eyes. While no scientific studies have examined whether this works, it is known that muscles become more potent with regular exercise. The effects of weakening and deterioration can get reduced, increasing muscular strength and creating an overall lifted appearance.

2. Tea Bags of Chamomile

Chamomile is naturally anti-inflammatory and ideal for loose-fitting eyelids and skin strengthening. If your eyelids appear puffy and droopy, apply chamomile tea bags to the area.

To begin with, steep two tea bags in boiling water. Then chill the tea bags for 15 to 30 minutes. Put chilled tea bags over your eyes for 30 minutes.

After that, take them out and lie down for another 25 minutes. Closed! The anti-inflammatory qualities of the tea attempt to minimize swelling and eye bags while also strengthening the skin around your eyes.

3. Working Out With Eye Patches

If one eye is drooping and the other works well, you can put eye patches on the good eye. By doing this, the weaker eye will get natural exercise. This implies you’ll unthinkingly undertake eyelid exercises throughout the day.

4. Using a Cucumber Slice

Caffeic and ascorbic acids, present in cucumbers, help tighten sagging eyelids. They reduce inflammation and straighten skin naturally. Cucumber pieces keep your skin looking healthier, smoother, and more radiant than before.

Place two cooled cucumber slices placed above your eyes. Allow 20 minutes for the cucumbers to rest before removing them. Next, cleanse your face with room-temperature water after that.

Our eyes are the most vital part of our body. Properly maintaining them is essential. Uneven eyelids are not that scary or severe. But if you want to make yourself feel better or boost your confidence. 

You can also undergo surgery and some of the methods discussed above. We tried to give you every possible piece of information about uneven eyelids. We hope you get your desired result from it.

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