How to Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil

How to Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil?

Eyeliner pencils work like a magic wand to make your eyes look beautiful and appealing. There isn’t a single woman who doesn’t use eyeliner.

If you’re one of those girls who carries an eyeliner pencil, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of sharpening it. Controlling the shape of the eyeliner pencil to achieve the perfect line on the eyelid can sometimes be frustrating.

This article will give you a few tips and products to solve such a problem. Let’s begin.

Do You Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencils?

If you use a soft eyeliner pencil tip on your eyes, it won’t work seamlessly. Instead, it’ll give you a smudged appearance. Additionally, you will not achieve flawless eye makeup.

Plastic eyeliner pencils are relatively hard to sharpen. Sharpeners for wooden eyeliner pencils are available at most drugstores. If you want to sharpen a plastic eyeliner pencil, the best sharpener is designed for plastic makeup pencils.

However, it would help to sharpen the eyeliner pencil to achieve the perfect eye look. And for that, you’ll need a good plastic eyeliner sharpener, which can get sharpened just like any other makeup pencil.

How Do You Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencils | 7 Tips to Follow

Before we talk about how to sharpen plastic eyeliner pencils, let’s talk about what is eyeliner sharpener. A dual-bladed sharpener explicitly designed for sharing eyeliner and other beauty sticks is called an eyeliner pencil sharpener, makeup sharpener, or pencil sharpener.

A regular sharpener isn’t always enough to get a tidy, sharp edge regarding plastic eyeliners. So let’s look at some tips for making the process go more smoothly. Three tools you can use for sharpening eyeliner pencils.

Eyeliner Sharpener:

A pencil sharpener and an eyeliner sharpener are quite the same. The only difference is that the blade on the eyeliner sharpener isn’t as sharp because the tip of an eyeliner pencil is soft.

Run your eyeliner through the sharpener one or two times. Then, once you’ve achieved the desired shape, please remove it. Throw away the chippings collection after you finish.

Small Knife:

You can sharpen plastic eyeliner with a pocket knife. Hold the knife in one dominant hand and the eyeliner pencil in the non-dominant hand.

If necessary, move the knife against the eyeliner pencil downward against a level surface. As you turn the pencil, the knife will cut around it.


Using scissors is also an option for sharpening plastic eyeliner pencils. All you have to do is carefully hold the scissors in your dominant hand. Keep your hand away from the blades. Run the blade down the eyeliner pencil while holding the scissors.

However, you can sharpen your plastic eyeliner pencil more flawlessly by following a few tips and tricks. The seven tips listed below will assist you in sharpening the eyeliner pencil.

Here are the 7 Tips to Know:

1. Avoid Using Normal Pencil Sharpner:

Try to avoid using a standard sharpener for your plastic eyeliner pencil. Soft kohl or plastic eyeliner pencils will split if sharpened with a regular utensil sharpener. Keep the tip of your sharpener by using only a sharpener specially designed for sharpening makeup.

However, if you like to look for the option, you might like Milani Duo Sharpener. It may suit your needs.

2. Not Too Sharp:

There’s no need to over-sharpen the plastic eyeliner pencil. However, because it gets used on the tender eye area, you should be cautious when using sharp eyeliner pencil tips.

A smoother, thicker eyeliner will produce a more precise result.

3. Sharp in the Right Direction:

If you are dealing with plastic eyeliner, break it every time you try to sharpen it. Then you may need to adjust your shaving technique. Put the plastic eyeliner pencil in the sharpener and gently rotate the sharpener around the eyeliner pencil.

4. Stainless Steel Blade:

Use a stainless steel-bladed sharpener. Choose a makeup sharpener with a stainless steel blade that won’t degrade over time or dull.

5. Freeze the Eyeliner:

Place your plastic eyeliner pencil in the freezer for five minutes before sharpening. It will prevent the eyeliner from crumbling. Then, take your eyeliner out of the freezer, and you’ll notice that it’s much more complex.

If you use a thicker eyeliner pencil, you have to freeze it for an extended period, around 10 to 15 minutes or more.

6. Using an Alcohol:

It is necessary to clean the sharpener. Clean your plastic eyeliner blades with alcohol before putting them in the sharpener. The bacteria will get killed by the alcohol and will not enter the eyes.

Always remember to sanitize before and after using the sharpener.

7. Dual Pencil Sharpner:

You can purchase dual pencil sharpeners. This sharpener comes with two different-sized holes. Thankfully, it will sharpen any size of a plastic eyeliner pencil. In addition, it’s inexpensive and convenient.

What’s the Difference Between Eye Pencils and Eyeliner?

Suppose you are someone who uses makeup daily or is fascinated by it. Then you must know about eye pencils and eyeliner. Even though they have the same name, there are differences between them.

The classic one is pencil eyeliner. For a beginner, this is the product to use. Pencil eyeliner is simple to use and will give you a neat look on your eyelid. Even the inner corners of your eyes can get lined easily.

Furthermore, even wrinkled eyes can equally apply pencil eyeliner. Eyeliner, on the other hand, is for a more dramatic appearance. It produces darker, richer colors. It’s simple and quick to make cat eyes with it. You can also get an exact line that is impossible with pencil eyeliner.

How Do I Choose the Best Eyeliner Sharpener?

If you use eyeliner all the time, you’ll need an eyeliner sharpener. The eyeliner will not function correctly without the sharpener. That is why it is essential to have it on hand.

Not only that, but you can’t utilize eyeliner without it. It will lose its shape and no longer provide the style you desire. On the other hand, you can effortlessly draw lines on your eyelid with the right sharpening eyeliner.

Furthermore, with so many unique brands and categories of pencil sharpeners available, determining which one is best for your needs can be difficult. Below is a small guide to help you choose an eyeliner. Women prefer to use eyeliner sharpeners that are easier to carry around. So they can touch up wherever they want.

Therefore, portable, lightweight eyeliner sharpeners are preferable for women. Next is an eyeliner sharpener with multiple blades and shapes. This will come in handy if you own various eyeliner pencil sizes. For example, a thick crayon eyeliner pencil cannot fit in a regular-sized eyeliner sharpener.

In addition, plastic eyeliner won’t work with a wooden eyeliner sharpener.

Keep that in mind. Additionally, the length between the wood sides and the upper portion of the eyeliner with a clean edge is much shorter when the blade is relatively short and at a greater angle on an eyeliner sharpener. As a result, the process is more manageable.

We hope you got your solution. We tried to give you every possible information regarding the plastic eyeliner sharpener. You can look for more plastic eyeliner sharpener options and try those out. Follow our guidelines when shopping.

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