What if I Left My Straightener On?

Probably you have a hair straightener that you use on a regular basis. And, like most people, you probably don’t think twice about leaving it on when you’re done using it. Having trouble remembering to turn it off is risky, but it happens sometimes. But what if I told you that leaving your hair straightener on could be a fire hazard?

Girls who straighten their hair might have faced a similar situation. It indeed can cause a vast accident. Multiple incidents have occurred of house fires and burns caused by the active straightener.

To solve such problems and prevent any major accidents. We will answer some of the most asked questions about hair straighteners. Likewise, a few solutions and facts also.

Let’s get started.

What If I Left My Straightener on for 2 Days?

Leaving the hair straightener on is very perilous if it is not in automotive mode. Some women confirmed that they left their straightener on once or more. Also, it is on record most of them panicked over leaving the straightener on after using it.

The head of communications at Electrical Safety in the UK, Emma Apter, stated that straighteners could radiate heat of over 235C and therefore can take up to 40 minutes to cool down.

Additionally, as they generate heat higher than a deep fryer, they pose a significant threat of damage or fire. There can be an explosion if you leave it near explosive objects.

It is important to turn the straightener off after using it. Just pull the plug on from the switchboard. Another thing you can do is after using the straightener. Leave it on to cool down on a mat or normal-temperature surface.

Moreover, according to the most recent Electrical Safety First study. A straightener or related appliance left on has caused approximately 650,0001 house fires in the United Kingdom.

So, it will be quite dangerous to leave the straightener on for two days.

Do Straighteners Turn Off Automatically?

Now that you know it is unsafe to leave the straightener on. Still, if you think it can happen to you. And you wouldn’t want to make that mistake. 

We would like to say there are straighteners available in the market that can turn off automatically. Fortunately, several specific beauty brands sell straighteners with automatic turn-off settings.

If you use your hair straightener often, you might not want to deal with remembering to turn it off. You should buy one of those straightener models. 
Regrettably, not all hair straightener brands have an automated shutdown feature. Hence, We have put together a shortlist of the coolest hair straighteners that automatically turn off.

Let’s take a peek at it.

ghd Platinum+ Styler – 1″ Flat Iron, Professional Performance Hair Styler

GHD hair straighteners are all designed to turn off after thirty minutes. It frees you from having to remember to turn it off every day.

• The average temp for easy style with the least harm is 185°C.
• Exquisite curls and pin-straight hair can both be achieved with a round base.
• 2.7-meter cable.
• Duration to heat up: 30 seconds

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, Black

Remington’s latest hair straightener versions have an automatic shut-off of 60 minutes. It has even included a heat-resistant storage pouch. But the old version of Remington doesn’t have this system. Therefore, you should get the new version.

• Three different temperature options
• Duration to heat up: 30 seconds
• Temperatures as high as 230°C are possible
• Display on an LCD

Foxybae Rose Gold Tres Sleek

Only a few straighteners have this attribute. But the Foxybae Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Straightener has an automatic cooling system and automatic Switch Off, providing optimum efficiency and improving the iron system results.

• CORD with 360-degree swivel
• To avoid heat radiation, transfer heat evenly and swiftly
• Lightweight metal

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Control Hair Straightener

After 72 minutes, the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Control Hair Straighteners turn themselves off. Although this is an excellent safety precaution, they take significantly longer to turn off than other models.

Apparently, not all TRESemme straighteners turn off automatically, so look carefully before buying it.

• Three different temperature options
• Plates made of ceramic
• Heat-up duration of 15 seconds
• 3-meter cable

How Long Does It Take for a Straightener To Cool Down?

Every straightener has its own time to cool down. The reason is not every brand has the same settings. Like every other straightener, it will take a couple of times to cool down.

As one straightener can reach up to 235°, and it takes almost 40 minutes to cool down. If it is not that hot,  you can put it down for 3 or 4 min before putting it on the cover.

Yet you should chill it down beforehand.

How Long Should a Hair Straightener Last?

Eventually, every product goes out of date. And so it is with beauty products. Hair straighteners have an expiry date also. After using it for a year, you will see some signs of the straightener getting old.

There are many reasons to identify that it is losing its efficiency. In addition, the straightener is clearly overused, as evidenced by the damaged plates and flashing lights.

The lifespan of a hair straightener is approximately 4 years. Your hair straightener may have dated if you notice your hair is becoming unnaturally dry. Straightener, like everything else, doesn’t last eternal, so you should upgrade it every 4 years.

Moreover, stylist Pierre Haddad says that the straightener should be renewed every two to three years. Make sure you keep it in a heat-proof, sealable bag to get the most from it.

So, I think now you get the idea of when you should get change your straightener.

We have mentioned all the consequences of leaving it on. You should avoid doing it, always double-check before going out.
[In addition, we recommended some automatic products for you. Feel free to check out those straighteners.]

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