Is Olay Quench Lotion Discontinued

Is Olay Quench Lotion Discontinued? Any Alternatives?

For a variety of reasons, many products get discounted. Sometimes, businesses either stop producing popular products altogether or stop making certain products because of fewer customer demands.

One of the famous brands is Olay. For many years, they have been in charge of the cosmetics industry. Throughout this time, they have discontinued some products and introduced a lot of new ones. One of them is Olay Quench lotion.

If you’re seeking a replacement for your preferred product and wondering why Olay is discontinuing Quench Lotion, we can help. The explanation behind Olay’s decision to discontinue Olay Quench Lotion is covered here, along with information on a suitable alternative.

Why was Olay Quench Discontinued? 

Discontinuation of a product is common. There is a particular product that, regardless of brand, is discontinued for several factors. Olay has discontinued products in the past, and they will continue to do so in the future if necessary.

Olay Quench was a body lotion. For ten years, it moisturized the body and benefited those with dry skin. Niacinamide and jojoba oil got included in the formulation of the body lotion. The substance could hydrate the body and enhance the skin barrier. You could feel the nourishment all day long.

Nevertheless, consumers soon know that the new Olay Quench body lotion differs from the previous one. Customer reactions included outrage and confusion. Simply put, Olay Quench body lotions underwent repackaging with a new formulation that made users furious.

Additionally, the consumer base is not happy with the new formula. According to many customers, the new Quench body lotions don’t hydrate the skin as much as the original one and have different smells.

The Olay company responded to these worries by saying that the product’s exposure to high temperatures or expiration date may cause fragrance variations. If further incidences of this occur, they will investigate.

The importance of body lotion is the final point we want to make. Applying a moisturizing moisturizer is always recommended, regardless of skin type. Utilizing a moisturizer can help you combat excessive dryness and oiliness.

What to Do if Olay Quench Lotion is No More?

When your favorite product gets taken off the market, it’s normal to feel angry. Finding a product that precisely complements your skin can be challenging. But it is rather upsetting when you finally discover the correct one, and the brand abruptly changes its formulation or discontinues production.

So what are the options for the consumer in this situation? We’ve got some suggestions for you since your favorite Olay Quench lotion is no longer available.

Stocking up on the rest of those goods is the first thing you can do. Look for the stores that still sell the older edition. Due to the fact that many companies will only inform you after they stop selling a product, this might be tough.

Second, make an effort to purchase ahead of time, even if it’s just one or two bottles, to prevent running out of everything. This extra item will at least buy you some time while you look for a replacement. Finding the nearest retailers that still carry your favorite things is all required.

Third, retailers occasionally pull this ruse in which they begin charging more for the last of the old product. As a result, you should go for it if you have that kind of money on hand.

In the case of a discontinued product, customers begin buying the remaining inventory. Some stores have begun to offer replicas. Checking before purchasing from them is therefore necessary.

Any Alternatives to the Olay Quench Lotion?

As Olay Quench lotion get no longer offered in stores. It’s time to discover a fresh item comparable to Olay Quench’s lotion. However, Olay offers a line of body lotions similar to their previous formulation.

Olay has released a range of new, highly effective moisturizing body lotions. We’ll list a few of Olay’s suggestions for you to try out below.

1. Olay Quench Age-Defying Body Lotion:

The formula of the body lotion hydrates parched areas and boosts the suppleness of the skin’s top layers to give the skin a youthful appearance. You’ll experience 24-hour hydration after only one usage, increasing skin texture. It has vitamin E, which encourages relaxation and moisture for better skin.

2. Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Body Lotion:

Using the body lotion, you will nourish and strengthen your skin’s barrier as it works within the skin’s surface layers. Shea butter, vitamin E, and vitamin B3 are present in this Ultra Moisture Body Lotion. Give your skin time to absorb all the moisture. You’ll enjoy all-day hydration after just one application.

However, they offer more body lotions in their skincare line than just these two. If you want to avoid trying Olay, you can go for Nivea or Aveeno. 

Note: If you feel a headache after using moisturizer then read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Olay Quench Body Lotion Lighten the Skin?

Despite not selling skin-whitening items in the US, an Olay representative told BuzzFeed News that the business thinks a “more open and welcoming definition of beauty” is necessary.

Does Olay Make You Look Younger?

Anti-aging ingredients are plentiful in Olay products. There are numerous products available to combat wrinkles and fine lines. As a result of Olay’s peptides, fine lines and wrinkles appear less visible on the skin’s surface. They assert that their formula will give you younger-looking skin.

Who is Olay’s Target Audience?

The company has concentrated its efforts on women in the high and upper-middle classes of society and are between the ages of 22 and 45.

Olay could have conducted studies and introduced new-age items for younger women. Still, they chose not to because their product decreases wrinkles with the underlying premise of looking young. Therefore, so is the target market.

What Does Olay Stand For?

The Oil of Olay brand got developed in South Africa. It was founded in 1952 by Durban native and former Unilever chemist Graham Wulff.

As of 1999, “Olay” was widely adopted worldwide, replacing “Oil of Ulay” in the UK, “Oil of Olaz” in the rest of Europe, and “Oil of Ulan” in Australia. Sixty million women worldwide are reportedly buying it presently from 80 different countries.

Which Country Owns Olay?

Olay was acquired by Procter & Gamble when it acquired Richardson-Vicks in 1985. The trademark was shortened to Olay by Procter & Gamble in 2000. At present, Procter & Gamble is the owner of the American skincare company.

Therefore, it is typical to discontinue any product. Olay has discontinued products before, including this one. Consequently, you can choose the alternative in such a circumstance. Start using an alternative that is comparable to Olay Quench Lotion.

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