NEWA VS NuFACE: Which One is Easy to Use?

Beauty is one quality that ages. As time passes, our skin becomes less elastic. In other words, having loose skin, wrinkles, and fine lines can make someone look older than they are.

People use a wide range of products and tools to delay aging. Do-it-yourself remedies gained popularity during pandemics when access to professional care was limited. Then, as a technique for internally lifting and contouring the face, at-home microcurrent devices became more well-liked.

Here, we’ll discuss two current hotspots for microcurrent technology: NEWA and NuFACE. In short, we will compare them to determine the safest and the best options for consumers.

Features and Comparison Between NEWA and NuFACE:

An Overview of NEWA:

ENDYMED Medical, a leading expert in professional radio frequency aesthetic devices, developed the ground-breaking 3DEEP technology. It provides regulated energy to your skin three layers deep without causing pain. 

The resulting heat stimulates healthy skin regeneration and circulation and new collagen synthesis. It’s painless and safe to use NEWA. You can use it if you’re over 30 and want to get rid of light to moderate facial creases. For all skin types and colors, the therapy is effective.


1. Newa’s professional medical technology has been independently proven to tighten and rejuvenate skin more effectively than other skin tightening and rejuvenation treatments by dermatologists.

2. It effectively and pleasantly produces heat in these deep skin layers.

3. To offer the most secure and relaxing rejuvenation procedure, NEWA got created with cutting-edge safety sensors.

4. It encourages the body to produce collagen naturally.

5. Enhanced skin radiance, decreased wrinkles, and smoother, younger skin.


• FDA-approved RF anti-aging devices.

 • Immediate uplifting impact.

 • Encourages the proper functioning and regeneration of skin cells.

 • Boosts blood flow

 • Non-intrusive, pleasant, and simple to use

• Experts employ clinically proven technology worldwide.


•The device must get paired with the company’s exclusive activation gel.

 • There is little clinical data to verify its usefulness.


Only the NEWA has been FDA-approved for use at home for skin tightening. Notably, it does not guarantee the same outcomes as an in-clinic radiofrequency machine, which requires a doctor or aesthetician to perform the procedure.

An Overview of NuFACE:

In 2005, aesthetician Carol Cole developed the NuFace firm, a pioneer in at-home microcurrent technology. This American company is one of the most well-known and reputable microcurrent manufacturers and is famous for its at-home toning products.

A medically supported face toning device, NuFace produces visibly noticeable results in spas and medical offices. Additionally, every NuFace device has FDA clearance.


1. The NuFACE has a sleek, diminutive appearance. The palm of your hand comfortably accommodates it.

2. It enhances the texture, shape, and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

3. It has an approximately two-week battery performance and arrives with a charging cradle where you can leave the gadget plugged in at all times.

4. This handheld device allows you to target more significant areas of your body and face.

5. The device is widely regarded as one of the most effective microcurrent home treatment devices today.


• FDA-approved and aesthetician-recommended.

 • It enables the user to focus on particular regions, such as the lips, eye area, or forehead.

 • The five-minute procedure is fast and pain-free.

 • The device makes use of low-voltage, perfectly safe micro-electric waves.

 • You can buy a few kits from NuFace that contain a variety of extras and goods.


• Any effects will only last a short while because facial muscles heal fast from electrical stimulation.

 • Targeting smaller parts of the face may be challenging because of the substantial metal prongs.

 • It costs a lot more than similar products on the market.


The device may worsen pre-existing conditions such as suspicious lesions, active acne, and inflamed skin. You should not submerge your device or charging cradle in water or liquid.

NuFACE vs NEWA: How to Use? 

NEWA At-Home Treatment: 

1. The face must first get thoroughly cleaned. 

2. You can treat your entire face or just the problematic parts.

3. NEWA’s expert recommends spending 8 minutes per area, and 4 minutes per side, for the best results.

4. After connecting the device, the safety cap got taken off. Then, two lines of NEWA activator gel were applied to the nozzle and spread over the area of skin that needed to be treated. The gel allows the device to move without rubbing against the facial features.

5. Now, activate the power switch, which flickers blue when the device is ready.

6. Using the NEWA tip, place the device on the skin and move it continuously in a circular motion to reach every inch of the treatment area. The light on the button would turn green as the skin warmed up but not to an uncomfortable temperature.

7. The NEWA would softly vibrate to signal the completion of the treatment session on one spot before moving on to the next.

NuFACE At-Home Treatment:

1. Thoroughly wash the skin before patting it dry.

2. Apply a generous, face mask-like coating of NuFACE Gel Primer to every part of your face and neck where you intend to use the device.

3. Turn on the device, place it on your face, and gently push it upward. For five minutes, carry out this movement again in each area.

4. Rub any NuFACE Gel Primer into your skin for additional skincare benefits.

5. For the first 60 days, apply five days per week. Use two to three days per week after the first 60 to maintain the results.

Price and Value Comparision:

The NEWA and NuFace devices have a significant pricing difference. Although NuFace is considerably more expensive, it is a different technology. Each use combines two other technologies and is more meaningful and more durable.

Contrarily, NEWA is a little more affordable than NuFACE. If you want a microcurrent gadget that will be simple to operate and provide you with excellent outcomes, the extra expense is worthwhile.

Experts Recommendation: 

An innovative facial stimulation and wrinkle reduction device, the NuFACE features replaceable treatment accessories and a revolutionary shape.

With the help of advanced medical advances, NEWA, a clinically tested skin care product, improves, enhances, and minimizes wrinkles on the face.

The decision primarily depends on each person’s demands, so it is impossible to accurately declare whether NEWA or NuFACE is ideal.

The microcurrent skin care products NEWA and NuFACE show great promise. Although the idea of performing these procedures at home is new, the technology has yet to be used. Consider your objectives before choosing from the various options available.

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