Olaplex Makes Hair Fall Out

Is Olaplex Making Hair Fall Out? – Causes & Solutions

One of the well-known hair treatments that almost everyone is familiar with is Olaplex. The Olaplex hair treatment is a typical hair regrowth procedure that you may obtain at most hair salons. It restores tresses that have been damaged (including hair breakage).

However, if you look online, you’ll find conflicting opinions regarding them. Some claim that using Olaplex has caused them to experience severe hair loss, while others claim that it has made their hair grow like magic.

For this reason, if you are a person who used Olaplex and then lost your hair. We are here to inform you of what happened and why it occurred.

Why is My Hair Falling Out After Using Olaplex?

Treatments for all hair types, thicknesses, patterns, and colors get produced by the company Olaplex. Their entire product line contains Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which treats hair strands from the inside out and recovers them to their original condition.

Your hair’s entire quality gets improved by the substance, in addition to making it nutritious. Unfortunately, chemical procedures such as bleaching and soothing in salons can be extremely harmful to hair. If you like bleaching, you should use charcoal bleach in your hair at home to prevent the issue. This method helps prevent this injury.

While using Olaplex hair treatments, brown hair becomes more dazzling, red hair becomes more lively, and blonde hair becomes more muscular. The addition of Olaplex makes these services significantly less harmful over time, mainly if you use them at home.

There are currently eight different Olaplex products that you can use in your daily hair-washing routine. Although there may be some hair loss due to Olaplex, the causes are not very strong.

• The maker of Olaplex has made no claims about how the product affects hair growth. After all, it is used for the most damaged hair and in the most prominent salons in the world.

• It is essential to determine whether Olaplex is responsible for hair loss or if other factors are at play, such as hormonal fluctuations, intense pressure, hair loss before using Olaplex, or even inappropriate use.

Therefore, the very 1st thing you should do if you have such issues is to figure out the cause. For example, is it due to the reluctance to follow instructions, or was it the ingredients?

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How Does Olaplex Cause Hair To Fall Out?

You might infer from the numerous online reviews that Olaplex does not cause hair to fall out. According to several users’ reviews, their hair was unchanged even when they used Olaplex excessively.

The brand further asserts that Olaplex cannot be misused and that none of the components in its solutions may potentially harm the hair in any manner. However, we did compile a list of some of the issues causing the hair loss issue.

  1. Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol gets included in large quantities in Olaplex No.3’s bottle. The irritating effects of phenoxyethanol on the scalp are thought to be the reason for hair loss. Over a month, frequent use might irritate the scalp and lead to hair loss.

It is advisable to avoid this element because it appears very early in the Olaplex ingredients list. In addition, any hair care products with phenoxyethanol should get avoided.

  1. Overusing Olaplex

Olaplex overnourished your hair. It is likely why it’s making your hair fall out the most frequently. In addition, Olaplex can make your hair greasy if used too often. The excess nutrients you feed your hair can contribute to oil buildup on your scalp and even cause an accumulation barrier that will cause hair loss.

It typically occurs when using Bond Maintenance Shampoo No. 4. It’s very stimulating to use this shampoo! I even think it’s too much.

Because of this, using it repeatedly may cause your scalp to accumulate layers and fat, which will block your hair follicles and cause much more hair loss than usual. Additionally, excessive nourishment might damage your hair.

  1. Not Following The Procedure

Olaplex use gone wrong. The second most common cause of your hair loss is what happens to you most frequently. The Olaplex procedure comprises three steps. Steps one and two can be completed in a salon, while Step 3 can get completed at home. Nevertheless, these ingredients must get combined and applied precisely.

Otherwise, the result might not be what was anticipated, depending on the company’s instructions.

For this reason, even hairdressers enroll in a course on using Olaplex properly. However, due to the high level of nourishing ingredients in Olaplex products, applying the solutions close to the roots of your hair will block the follicles and result in hair loss.

  1. Excessive Damage

Your hair can get repaired with the Olaplex. However, being practical is necessary as well. The damage to the hair can frequently be so severe that no product can restore it.

Due to this, by the moment you use Olaplex, the damage may already be too severe for the healing process to be effective, and you may begin to lose hair due to breakage.

  1. Changing Hormone

Indeed, it can sound strange. But it’s possible. Your hormones may get activated for multiple reasons, such as tension, menopause, adolescence, or pregnancy, which can damage the hair and cause breaking and falling out. The best way to deal with it is to see a doctor.

So, these could be the causes of the hair loss you’re experiencing after using Olaplex.

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How is Olaplex Scalp Reaction Visible?

Multiple complaints of people experiencing a dry, itchy feeling after using Olaplex on their scalps. It took place following the use of the Olaplex shampoo. Some claimed their heads were red and itchy because of a dry scalp with a lot of dandruff.

As we all know, dandruff leads to hair loss. That is what occurred after using the items. In addition, some customers claim that the chemicals in their formula are harmful to the hair and scalp.

However, they saw that the irritation on their scalps was worsening and that hair loss was out of control, so they stopped.

Does Olaplex Cause Dandruff And Allergy?

There is a possibility that Olaplex treatments could cause hair loss as a result of an allergic reaction. Please bear in mind that losing a lot of hair is not natural!

Most hair treatments contain chemicals that can cause you to have an adverse reaction.

Your scalp may feel red, inflamed, and itching when a substance causes you to react. However, if you experience any unexpected irritation, it’s likely a result of a formula element that isn’t functioning for you.

When this happens, our hair follicles struggle and begin to thin. You may occasionally notice that the skin on your scalp is starting to flake off and resemble dandruff.

We will suggest you use Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. You can use it to treat dandruff and a dry scalp.

It brings us to the end of our discussion. In the end, you must always exercise extreme caution when using any treatment. We hope that by reading this article, you can better understand how Olaplex made your hair fall out.

Always keep in mind that a slight reduction each day is natural. However, something is wrong if you suddenly lose a lot of hair or start losing twice as much hair as usual in a week.

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