Victoria Secret Perfume Discontinued List

Victoria Secret Perfume Discontinued List in 2023 – Why They Out of the Market?

Victoria’s Secret is well-known to everyone. Every woman wants a selection of high-end brands in her closet, including Victoria’s Secret. They frequently receive attention for their perfumes. There are many high-end brands, but Victoria’s Secret has established itself as the best.

But are we aware that they have discontinued so many perfumes? Here’s what you need if you need to be made aware of their discontinued perfumes or if they have recently discovered that your favorite scent isn’t in the market anymore. The list of Victoria’s Secret fragrances will get covered here.

Secondly, we’ll explain the reasoning for the discontinuation and other relevant details in this article, which will help you understand the discontinuation of perfume in general.

We should therefore start with the specifics and stop wasting time.

Why Does Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Perfumes?

What is there to do if you search for your preferred fragrance only to discover that it gets currently labeled as a discontinued perfume? Well, first is to figure out what it implies and why it occurred.

It shouldn’t be surprising that manufacturers frequently refuse to sell their perfumes, given how competitive the scent market has become.

Some Victoria’s Secret fragrances are no longer available for a few reasons. However, it’s easier to pinpoint the cause of the brand discontinuing a perfume with direct insight into the company.

But we’ve gathered a few explanations that might result in the discontinuation of Victoria’s Secret perfumes.

  1. There are only a handful of perfumes from a particular brand. It implies that with each new launch, there is a decreasing number of spaces available on their store shelf.

Manufacturers frequently decide to stop making perfume if not enough people buy it to make room for new launches. So now and then, Victoria’s Secret discontinues products to make room for new ones.

  1. Every brand will experience changes; it’s only a given when striving to keep up with trends and serve a constantly shifting market.

Given its high overhead expenses, Victoria’s Secret usually discontinues its least-liked goods if revenues of a particular line of perfumes start to fall off dramatically. It’s terrible news for those who keep purchasing it, but it makes sense for the brand’s success.

  1. Updates to cosmetic law are a further factor that could result in the abolition of perfume. Fragrances are components, like other beauty products, that must be regularly updated to meet standards. If a fragrance has become too old, Victoria’s Secret can discontinue it rather than update it.

However, a few retailers, including eBay, still sell many of these products, which have grown to be consumer love.

Discontinued Victoria Secret Perfume List of Scents:

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s largest intimate specialty retailer, offering a variety of fashion-inspired designs and fragrances, including its award-winning body care products.

Since its founding in the late 1980s, Victoria’s Secret has introduced 16 distinctive scents. In addition, Victoria’s Secret continues to manufacture and sell 44 fragrances. As a result, every woman gets guaranteed to enjoy their perfumes’ remarkable selection of scents.

Up until this point, Victoria’s Secret has discontinued several perfumes. Now let’s see the list of all the discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfumes.

  1. Very Sexy Dare
  2. Halo Mist
  3. Dream Angels
  4. Riviera Sun Cologne
  5. Encounter Cologne
  6. Rapture Perfume/Parfum
  7. Capricorn VS2000
  8. Wild English Garden Romantic Bouquet
  9. Her Majesty’s Rose
  10. Azurine
  11. Breathless
  12. Forget Me Not, Romantic Bouquet
  13. Freesia
  14. Basic Instinct
  15. So In Love
  16. Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold

Despite being difficult to locate in stores, a few body mists, fragrances, and colognes are still available. Several eCommerce sites are still selling the leftover ones where you can still find them. These scents are difficult to find in their original form, but you can find copies without a doubt.

How Do You Know When a Product is Discontinued? 

Victoria’s Secret has a very long history in the industry. However, they quit producing a significant number of items during this time. As a result, you can discover products that are no longer being made or marketed, from their apparel line to their perfumes.

If you are still looking for your preferred items in the store despite your best efforts, you will need to accept that they are no longer getting produced. But, again, there could be various factors at work here. 

However, how can you tell when the discontinuation took place? These methods will help you determine whether your product is easily accessible.

1. Ask the company directly

To find out if a perfume has been discontinued, you can contact the company directly via email, postal mail, or telephone. You can typically find contact information on a company’s website if it has one.

2. Keep your eyes on the website

Once you’re on their websites, you can see the available products. If they carry the products, the brand will let you know. Furthermore, some companies make it clear to their clients why and which products got withdrawn from the market. Finally, they’ll undoubtedly inform you on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

 3. Consult online forums

 It is challenging to obtain information because companies typically only notify customers after discontinuing a product offering. You can visit specialized forums online for that.

There are numerous forums available online where you can converse with people who are going through similar problems as you. They may have some solutions to your worries.

4. Authentic news sites

Websites gather data about discontinued products you can acquire by searching the internet. They collect information when a product is unavailable on the market. Then, the websites show those details in a list.

Finally, you can determine whether the product was discontinued using these methods.

What Might be a Suitable Replacement for Victoria Secret Old Perfumes?

Now that we know Victoria’s Secret’s decision to discontinue their old perfumes, let’s look at a suitable replacement that will leave you with a pleasant scent all day.

You might find some alternative Victoria’s Secret scents to delight you in this situation. Give them a shot if you can. Try several brands that can provide the same aroma if you are passionate about your preferred scents.

Here, we’ll make some brand recommendations for you. These fragrances will undoubtedly pair with your favorite Victoria’s Secret fragrances. Or at least you have a scent similar to your Victoria’s Secret perfumes.

1. Versace Bright Crystal

2. Versace Crystal Noir 

3. Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

4. Coach Signature Eau de Toilette 

5. Coach Floral Eau De Parfum

6. Kelly Caleche by Hermes

7. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

8. Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is Victoria Secret perfume?

The typical price range for Victoria’s Secret perfumes in US dollars is $58–$78, depending on your preferred scent. Miniature rollerball scents are available for about $18 on the Victoria’s Secret website.

How long does Victoria’s Secret perfume last?

It lasts the least amount of time, an hour or two. You can, however, easily reapply. Various scents from Victoria’s Secret have varying levels of longevity. Some of the brand’s fragrances could be more long-lasting.

Are Victoria’s Secret perfumes cruelty-free?

Victoria’s Secret & Co. have said they oppose animal testing on their official website. Additionally, none of their trademarked products, concoctions, or parts get put through animal testing.

To be more explicit, they’ve stated that all skincare items Victoria sells in China starting in April 2021 will get produced there to prevent using animal experiments.

Now you know the list of discontinued perfumes from Victoria’s Secret. You will find it simple to select new fragrances from Victoria’s Secret, or you can try the new brands we have previously shown you.

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